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Why Ushuaia, Argentina is the End of the World

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If you have ever said you would travel to the ends of the Earth… now is your chance! Aside from the small existences of islands and scarce villages, there is a city that is specifically known as “the end of the World”. Ushuaia is the last thriving city on the Southern side of the globe. It is a part of Argentina with an entrance in Chile. Interestingly, the city itself is small with measured miles falling at an approximate 9 square miles long. Situated along the coast of the famous destination of Tierra del Fuego, there are several sites and things to do for travelers.

Who Travels to Ushuaia?

The real question here is who wouldn’t want to? It is not everyday you can take a selfie at the end of the World. On top of having proof you were there; the city of Ushuaia is truly majestic. Breathtaking sceneries, adventurous journeys and the splendor of nature awaits those who visit the southern sector. Darwin himself was enamored with the region alongside the imaginings of Jules Verne who described the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse in great detail.

Is There Anything to Do In Ushuaia?

For a city this size, most are surprised to learn of the dynamic activities offered. The National Park in tierra del Fuego as an abundance of sites including waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and trails to explore. The Lighthouse is a famed spot to see and the isles nearby are simply mystifying. Another popular attraction in Ushuaia is the ski scene. Several skiing paths accommodate all levels of skiers and are open through most of the year.

Will I See Wildlife in Ushuaia?

Water routes and roadways will lead you to everything from dog sleds to Kayaking along the channels. You will be met with a diverse array of birds and land animals while you venture. Siberian Huskies, Penguins and seals are to name a few. If you take one of the diving expeditions, you will be able to view life in the ocean from a front row swim.

Are There any Cultural Spots to See?

The location of the region has allowed for substantial research and discoveries. Ushuaia is a busy port city with an intriguing history. Three museums welcome travelers and locals with artifacts of the area. One of the museums was reinvented from an old prison featuring historic settlements. You can obtain a sense of the vibrant city.

What Accommodations Can I Expect?

What Accommodations Can I Expect?
What Accommodations Can I Expect?

You will find several styles of overnight accommodations including Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels. Restaurants are nearby along the main roads and a selection of dining options away from the city.  Seafood is a definite theme for the menu; yet you can find several fan favorites such as Pizza, Pastas and mainstream entrees.

At the close of the day, a trip to Ushuaia is an enlightening experience. Whether you see the city from the land, sea or mountaintop, you will have a new perspective. The end of the world may not be at hand; however it is at the top of a travelers to do list.


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