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Understanding Bariloche, Argentina and their Notorious Nazi Connection

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The city of Bariloche is the center of attention in Argentina. Surrounded by sunsets on the lakes, it has a quaint village appeal that is undeniably charming. Mountain views and Alpine styled homes are enchanting as if they appeared out of a storybook. Bariloche welcomes tourists and travelers alike during every season. Peering at historical timelines, you will notice the city opened their doors for more than vacationing visitors. The flip side of the coin paints an alternate image of the picturesque setting. When it comes to devastating events that have impacted humanity on a global scale, the times of Hitler’s reign typically comes to mind. Words such as horrific, traumatizing and deplorable acts have been imprinted on the heart of history. The end of the Nazi rule declared a manhunt to find those who were leaders and accomplices of the regime. The country of Argentina, the city of Bariloche and even the depths of the amazon are intricately entwined within the notorious Nazi realm.

If you are asking yourself how a remote country full of culture and family ideals became a haven for Nazis… you are not alone. It has long been understood Hitler’s men and speculatively Hitler himself fled from the search without leaving a trail to follow. The crimes committed were both unforgettable and unforgivable in the eyes of the world. They did still have a few leaders in prominent places who supported their cause. Argentinean president Juan Perone empathized with the regimes purpose and offered them refuge. He personally greeted the first Nazi officers to arrive marking a pivotal point for the country.

Argentina as a Refuge Capitol for Nazis
Argentina as a Refuge Capitol for Nazis

Argentina as a Refuge Capitol for Nazis

Germany was known for their advancements in several areas of research and development. The cooperation that formed between the Nazis and Argentina would lend an opportunity for them to benefit from one another. Argentina gains a substantial growth in underdeveloped sciences while some of the most wanted men on the map stay under the radar. The city of Bariloche was a main hub of operations in the rescue of Nazi officers. Nestled in the scenes of nature and directly relevant to waterways, it was a prime location that would not attract attention.

Argentina had an escalated plastic surgery program that may have come in handy for the circumstances. There was suspicion of whereabouts that were left unproven for decades. A secret door located in Bariloche shed a spotlight on what appeared to have been a hiding place for Nazis. German coins were unearthed in the swells of the Amazon and various testimonies and artifacts have been presented since. It was even gestured that the President’s wife, Eva Perone, had possession of jewels and trinkets that were said to have belonged to the Jewish families that were held captive by the Nazis.

Argentina continues to be a melody of cultures as they have grown in stature and presence. Their affiliation with the Nazis may have had a hand in their rise without direct acknowledgement. In lieu of its past, we would like to believe it is the enrapturing of Argentinian hearth and home that has brought the country to its highest achievements.


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