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The Argentinian Mystery of Eye Island

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Every region has a conspiracy theory or two, yet most are explained within reason. There are a few that have been left aside without a logical response to match the inquiry. The deeper concepts are found in areas with a long and intrinsic past. A tie to ancient grounds seems to solidify a bond between the Earth and the what ifs of the universe. Mysterious markings and sightings have long been a part of legends and lore. Argentina is filled with jungle depths and hidden mountain trails. The Country has high peaks, mystical waters and a fair share of unanswered questions. One of the more perplexing findings in Argentina has remained ambiguous to modern civilization. “The Eye” Island sits in the swampy lands of the Parana Delta along the Northeastern edge of the country.

The Island and the Eye

The Island is a small mass of land that is surrounded by water. Not the largest Isle of the waters, The Eye measures approximately 130 yards in diameter. It does not float in the center of the ocean like others, instead a thin line of water separates the form from the nearby grounds of the marsh. To explain the phenomenon, it looks as if someone took a large circular cookie cutter and sliced through the land. This created a consistent round shape that does not have any deviance in diameter.

The Island and the Eye
The Island and the Eye

It is said to be a natural formation that occurred through time. There are other small Islands in Argentina with a similar size, however they display the rugged edges you would expect from nature taking its course. Periods of erosion, movement and shifting still do not typically make a perfect circle in land indicating there is more to the story.

The Spinning Eye

Aside from the circular appearance, there is another anomaly that has stumped logical thought. When you look at the Island, you will see it slowly turn. The spinning appears as if the center of the island sits on an unknown axis. The Eye has been picked up by Google for over a decade without arousing suspicion. The larger questions came about when Sergio Neuspillerm explored the area. The Argentine film maker was flying overhead when he noticed the intriguing shape of the Island. Investigating further, he describes the Island as distinct from others he has seen.

Sergio was technically working on another film project at the time which he ultimately put on hold. The Eye mystified him when he made an observation about the surrounding waters. Being in the marshlands, it is common to have some murkiness in the water. It was odd that the Island ring was crystal clear with the perception of something hidden underneath. As with all interesting finds, there are theories that begin to emerge. From alien philosophies to a nothing to see here notion, it will take a full adventure to truly delve into the enigmatic Eye. A full expedition will either resolve the unsolved or unlock a door to whole new possibilities.


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