Meet Argentina

Must-Try Argentinian Dishes

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Obviously, Argentina is famed for its fabulous steak and Asado. But with a country of its size and the beautiful natural produce that comes from the land, and sea, there are plenty of other things that you must try when visiting Argentina. This South American country is becoming more and more popular with millenniums as a tourist destination who are eager to try new dishes and explore traditional Argentina.


If you have been to Argentinian restaurants you have probably eaten chimichurri without even knowing it. Like most Latin countries it is a type of salsa, that really can go with anything, but is mostly used with meats. A verdant green in color, it is made from fresh parsley and oregano that are mixed with olive oil to form a paste. Added to this is plenty of garlic, chili flakes, and either freshly squeezed lime or lemon. Chimichurri can be served smothered over all manner of grilled meats or as a marinade before cooking.


A highly popular traditional dish of Argentina is the succulent provoleta. And if you are lover of grilled cheese then you will absolutely adore this Argentinian classic. Provoleta has its roots in the Italian immigrants that came over to Argentina and brought their cooking techniques with them. It is a version of provolone and is made up of layers of slices of cheese liberally sprinkled with herbs and chili flakes. Then the whole thing is placed under the grill until it bubbles, and the nearly melted cheese is then served with an almost caramel crust on the top.


Dulce de Leche

Argentinian cattle do not only provide some of the greatest tasting beef in the world, but the dairy cows also provide dairy. Argentinians just love dairy and in particular condensed milk, and from this product they make some of the most gooey and delicious sweet things to eat. Dulce de Leche or Milk Jam is one such treat. Condensed milk is slowly reduced until it is almost a thick caramel and is unctuous and sticky. The caramel mixture is then used in a variety of desserts such a sweet empanada and alfajores. A particular favorite is poured liberally over ice cream.


Alfajores are enjoyed all over the world, and they are a wonderful crumbly sort of biscuits made from a shortbread mixture. You can choose what filling you want to put between the two shortbread discs and in Argentina Dulce de Leche is a big favorite. But you can use mousses, jams, and really any filling that suits your fancy. The Spaniards were responsible for bringing these addictive delicacies to South America and these biscuits are enjoyed any time of day.


Empanadas are a popular dish that are enjoyed all over the world, mistakenly people think they originated from Mexico but actually it was the Moors who first invented them. Empanadas were originally a peasant food, and a way for workers to eat in the fields and factories. Now these pastry delicacies that are filled with savory or sweet fillings are devoured all over the world as a delicious snack.



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